A short portrait

I am associate professor at the Mads Clausen Institute of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU).

My scientific research focus is on:

  • Nanofabrication of plasmonic structures
  • Nanoscale characterization of materials, ranging from metals and semiconductors to organic and biological samples
  • Laser-based characterization of organic and plasmonic devices
  • Correlative microscopy and image analysis

using the following methods:

  • Helium ion beam microscopy
  • Focussed ion beam lithography with Ga and He ions
  • Electron beam lithography and microscopy
  • Leakage radiation microscopy
  • X-ray tomography (micro-CT)
  • Laser-scanning microscopy
  • Time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy and microscopy
  • Time-resolved 2-photon photoemission electron microscopy